Since my final undergraduate year, my motivation has always been to work with themes that can mitigate alterations caused human activity in the planet. Being able to perform research and contribute to unravel such complex environments as the ones in sea beds and deep seas and find mechanisms that could reduce the concentration of both methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be a great opportunity to contribute not only to the scientific community, but to the whole society. Biochemistry and microbiology are vast universes. Universes that, I believe, have answers for several modern problems that humanity is moving its attention to. Climate change, residues biotransformation in important molecules and compounds that are major requirements for industrial activities, more efficient and renewable ways to produce energy; these are just a few contributions to the world that, still, few people are capable enough to lead the advancements we need, with efficiency and safety. This imbued me with a desire to try to help in some way as I strongly believe that microorganisms still hold the secret to a more sustainable future.